Pharmaceutical production

Labeling in accordance with the latest requirements of the legislation on drug circulation

We offer a variety of pharmaceutical labeling options, including high speed line solutions, small package printing or laser engraving directly on capsules and tablets. ‘VA Systems’ offerings will help you uniquely identify each pharmaceutical package so you can protect your entire supply chain from counterfeiting.

Pharmaceutical labeling

Depending on the operating conditions and labeling requirements, we can offer different models of printers and technologies for labeling. For example, for small laboratories there is a special modification of the inkjet printer with low noise level. For poorly ventilated rooms, you can use pulse inkjet technology, which excludes any evaporation of liquids and applies information with a resolution of at least 180 dpi. For flexible packaging, a thermal transfer printer with a long ribbon is ideal, which does not require frequent stops and replacements. A laser coder is ideal for brand protection or an ink printer with UV ink. Labeling machines can be used for high speed lines with pre-printed complex messages.

Marker for applying Data Matrix to pharmaceutical packaging

 The Nano can print fixed and variable alphanumeric information, time and date, lot number and machine readable codes (barcodes, Data Matrix ECC 200, QR, GS1 DM, etc.) at 180 dpi on coated and glossy cardboard boxes, any pharmaceutical packaging: plastic, film, textiles, etc. 

Benefits of marking solutions

Any color marking
Printing on group boxes
Full color printing for retail
Packaging labeling
Laser marking of packaging
Thermal transfer printing on film
Test equipment in real-world production conditions
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