High-quality marking in the harshest working conditions: at high temperatures, in dust or in oil

Laser and ink jet markers in stainless steel casing and rated for dust and moisture protection up to IP65. Direct marking of the part, especially using 2D codes, can be combined using machine vision systems to make the monitoring process as smooth as possible.

Product marking with ink jet printer

Continuous inkjet printers are the best choice for automotive coding as they can be used for almost any material. A wide range of inks, including color, allows you to choose both a universal solution and a special one, for example, UV inks for combating counterfeit or water washable for control during the assembly process.

For characters as high as 1.1 mm, such as electrical components, we recommend the & nbsp; Linx 7900 & nbsp; inkjet printer and specialty inks that resist alcohol, gasoline and oil and have excellent adhesion to ceramics, metals and a wide range of plastics.

If there is dust in production, then we recommend choosing a printer with a higher IP rating, such as the 7900 Spectrum, which comes with IP65 in the basic configuration, and using pigmented inks for high definition and durability on a wide range of colors and types of materials.

Laser markers

Particularly useful for 2D codes, which are required for effective monitoring in the automotive industry. Laser marking provides permanent markings on a wide range of materials such as rubber door seals or wiper blades.

Laser printers are particularly attractive due to their low downtime, the ability to operate at high speeds and the long life of the laser tube, which makes the cost of ownership very low in long term use.


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