Chemical industry

Application of information on product compliance with the standard (GHS / CLP)

Proven solutions for permanent and legible marking in dusty and humid environments. Minimal maintenance with no downtime for production lines. Reliable equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. Proven solutions for product labeling.

The GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, GHS or CLP European) provides a single labeling standard for all hazardous chemicals and will make it easier and faster to recognize and assess safety risks for production, transport, handling and disposal.

Standard pictograms of the CGS system are made in the form of a square set at an angle. The black symbol is located on a white background with a red border. The pictogram must be wide enough to be clearly visible.  Chemicals can be packaged and packaged in completely different containers, which may differ in shape and material. For such tasks, ‘VA Systems’ offers  turnkey solution for two-color printing on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Simple, easy-to-use markers

Printers use pigmented and ultraviolet inks for product identification, and produce durable coding even in harsh manufacturing environments. Alternatively, you can use ultra-resistant black ink for plastic and polyethylene surfaces.

Benefits of marking solutions

Any color marking
Printing on group boxes
Full color printing for retail
Packaging labeling
Laser marking of packaging
Thermal transfer printing on film
Test equipment in real-world production conditions
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